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History of the Society

Update date: 11.19.2021 10:17:09

History of JSC "Uztransgaz"

Sustainable economic growth and sustainable functioning of the leading sectors of national industry and small business and key sectors of the real economy imply an increase in the consumption of fuel and energy resources. By increasing the volume of natural gas supplies to the domestic and international markets, the need for the development of the gas transport system and gas supply system increases, while maintaining the reliable use of gas transport and gas distribution systems.Uninterrupted supply of natural gas to consumers of Uzbekistan, as well as transportation, transit and export are assigned to the joint-stock company "Uztransgaz".

The history of the gas industry in Uzbekistan dates back to the 1950s. The first gas was extracted from Setalantep in 1953.



According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 4388 of July 9, 2019 "On measures for stable provision of economy and population with energy resources, financial recovery and improvement of oil and gas industry management system", JSC Uztransgaz was separated from JSC Uzbekneftegaz, and two independent joint stock companies - JSC Uztransgaz and JSC Hududgaztaminot - were established on the basis of JSC Uztransgaz.

The following functions are assigned to JSC Uztransgaz:

  • purchase of natural gas from organizations for the production and processing of gas, including joint ventures and foreign companies operating on the basis of production sharing agreements, for its further transportation, including the export and import of natural gas, as a single operator;

  • sales of natural gas under direct contracts between JSC Khududgaztaminot and consumers connected to the main gas transmission system;

  • elimination of bottlenecks at critical sections of the gas transmission system and development of its transit potential through the construction, reconstruction of gas pipelines and compressor stations, including by attracting funds from IFI / IGFO, increasing the volume of natural gas storage in underground gas storage facilities, introducing a monitoring and flow control system natural gas (SCADA) and automated control systems at high pressure gas distribution points.



The construction of the 165-kilometer and unique main gas pipeline "Ahangaran-Pungan" with the Ahangaran compressor station through the Kamchik pass was completed and put into operation to supply natural gas to consumers in the Ferghana valley. The gas pipeline passes through the slopes of the Cura mountains.



In accordance with the decree No. 438 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 8, 2006 "on measures to improve the organization of activities of the joint-Stock company" Uztransgaz", the formation of a unified policy in the field of development and use of natural gas distribution networks, to create an effective system of transport and sales management, as well as for the rational use of discipline in the field of natural gas and gas discipline. Transgenic reorganization of the joint-stock company. The reorganization of the joint-stock company "Uztransgaz" was carried out by transferring gas supply companies from the Uzbek Agency "UZKOMMUNHIZMAT" to the joint-Stock company "Uztransgaz" and a joint venture of the joint-Stock company "Uztransgaz" to provide consumers with all types of gas on the basis of gas supply facilities, 6 interregional enterprises were created in the form of enterprises.



The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 11 December 1998 No. UP-2154 "ABOUT the restructuring of the national oil and gas industry" Uzbekneftegaz "National holding company" Uzbekneftegaz "and the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 15 December 1998, Uzbekneftegaz "on establishment of the company and its activities in accordance with p 523" gas, "the Department of State on the basis of" gas "in the form of open joint stock companies created by NDI.



According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 169 of April 30, 1996, experimental use of gas stations "Jojoba" was launched through a well-developed capacity oil and gas fields of Heubad.



In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 585 of December 23, 1992, the state joint-stock company "Uztransgaz" was established on the basis of specialized divisions of the production Association "Uzbekgazsanoat" as part Of the national oil company "Uzbekneftegaz".



Experimental use of the SGI underground storage facility began, and the following year, the gas storage facility at the gasli gas field began.



The production Association "Uzbekgazzanoat" was created, and the joint-stock company "Uztransgaz" began to develop as a separate gas transportation company.



The development of the gas field began, including the transshipment of the gas pipeli  nes of Bukhara-Ural and Central Asia-Center.
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